I believe that if a person truly believes that what they are doing is right and kevin griffinjustifiable, there is no need for secrecy.

My name is Kevin Griffin.  I am a 7th Grade English Language Arts teacher in Dublin, Ohio.  I run this website on my own time, and my own dime.  I also have a more general education policy blog at keving722.blogspot.com.  I am the past President of Dublin Educators’ Association and am currently also serving as the Vice President of Central OEA/NEA.

Ironically enough, one of the main reasons I became involved with the teacher’s union was because I couldn’t believe how much money charter schools were taking from local school districts.  And the politicians weren’t just allowing it to happen, they were encouraging it.

I am appalled by the false promises and scandals created by William Lager, the owner of ECOT.  I believe education is the key to a better America.  I believe in transparency and accountability, especially when it comes to educating students and spending taxpayer dollars.

Unfortunately, William Lager is a predator.  He profits immensely by convincing students they can be more successful by attending his cyber-charter school.  Evidence shows the students, the taxpayers, and the future are getting conned.

I created this website, and a facebook page, to better educate parents and tax-payers about the failing business enterprise created by William Lager.  It’s one thing screw tax-payers.  But destroying students’ lives is another.

Please educate yourself, and know that for every success story ECOT brags about, there are eight students who lost out.

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