ECOT’s shell game

The fact that ECOT is now claiming student learning time cannot be measured by time logged onto their system is nothing more than a distraction to the fact that they are the worst performing school in the state and have the highest dropout rate in the nation.  ECOT is an online school, they brag about it on their website.  It says they are “a tuition free, online, k-12, school.”  (They forgot the commas though.)

Also on their website it says, “ECOT students are expected to complete schoolwork for 25 hours per week during the school year.”  A few paragraphs down they claim, “Lessons are taught online via a high-speed, secure Intranet connection to the ECOT server.”

So what is going on between the virtual walls of ECOT?  Are they a school where students must complete 25 hours per week of lessons supplied by ECOT?  Or are ECOT students so immersed in off-line projects that ECOT is unable track them?

We’ll probably never know and need to settle for these two truths.  ECOT is one of the worst performing schools in the state, and thanks to taxpayers, ECOT’s owner is a very, very rich man.

Author: keving722


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