Letter to the Editor

The Dispatch printed my letter to the editor today:

ECOT hangs on for a reason

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Ohio’s median household income is $49,644. The secretary of state’s website shows that William Lager, owner of the charter school ECOT, contributed $210,085 to supportive politicians in 2015. This means that Lager gave more than four times more to politicians than the median Ohio household even earned.

What do Ohioans get from Lager’s taxpayer-funded Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and subsequent taxpayer-funded political donations? More students drop out of ECOT or fail to finish high school within four years than at any other school in the country.

Lager’s ECOT charter school is so bad that even The New York Times featured an article on May 18 outlining the questionable practices and sky-high dropout rates.

At what point in time does a political contribution become a bribe?

Kevin Griffin


Author: keving722


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